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When the Paperwork Gets Overwhelming. . .
When It’s Just Too Much To Do Alone. . .

You Need a Virtual Assistant!

You started your own business because you love what you do.

But you probably didn’t plan on spending most of your time keeping records, paying bills, doing payroll, and drowning in all that frustrating administrative trivia. On the other hand, you neither need nor want a full-time bookkeeper or administrative assistant.

Whatever happened to the joy
of owning your own business?

Don’t despair! Don’t panic! I can help! !

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James R. Lane

I’m a professional writer, editor and Virtual Assistant (also known as a Daily Money Manager). I do those nit-picking administrative chores for you so you’re free to do what you do best. I’ll write letters and other documents, pay your bills, keep your checking account reconciled and fill out those incomprehensible reports the government requires. And I’ll work with your accountant to be sure records are properly maintained.

I also work with private individuals who need administrative, bookkeeping, writing or editing assistance.

With more than 20 years of secretarial and bookkeeping experience, I can handle just about any administrative task — including sales tax, payroll and payroll taxes.

And, thanks to modern technology, my clients are located all over the map. So whether you’re in Timbuktu or right across the street, write to me and let’s put you back in the entrepreneur’s seat where you belong!

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