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"Read Jonni Anderson — and get a one-two punch to your heart!"
. . .Nancy L. Quatrano


January 10, 2020

Avia Venefica: 5 Stars****

This isn't just a book; it is a treasure chest filled with gifts that uplift the heart, mind and soul. I keep this book close to me and it never fails to give me a thoughtful nudge when needed. Jonni's poetry is moving, profound and elegant. I believe we all can relate, and feel relief in reading her expressive prose also. If you need elevation and illumination, get this book.


December 17, 2017
Loved this book

Jennifer Blanchette: 5 Stars****

Loved this book! The beginning did not get my attention right away but suddenly I could not put the book down until the finish. Kudos to this writer! I look forward to reading her next!

January 9, 2017
Congratulations for writing another GREAT book!

James Kennedy: 5 Stars****

Congratulations for writing another GREAT book! I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sorry when I finished it. It was so believable that I think maybe there is a little bit of autobiography in it. I loved the past lives and recurring visits to and from them. There were some neat twists and turns in the story. I read it almost in one sitting. I eagerly await your next one.

January 2, 2017
If you stir a little romance, science fiction, ...

Bob: 5 Stars****

If you stir a little romance, science fiction, mystery and thriller together, you’ll get “HIM” written by Jonni Anderson. Anderson keeps the reader on edge and wondering what will happen next to the heroine, Daphne Morris, until he reaches the action filled and dramatic conclusion. The author seamlessly interweaves Daphne’s flashbacks to former lives with her present predicaments. She discovers that Trevor Elliot, the man she just met, was her lover in another life which is the reason she is uncontrollably attracted to him. Will they find romance in this life without the disasters that plagued their other lives? The answer is in reading “HIM”.

November 10, 2016
Hard to put down!

Carol : 5 Stars****

I just finished reading this book. It’s 1:15 in the morning, but I had to post a review immediately. This book swept me away. I’ve been reading a lot of books on Kindle lately, and so many seem to be poorly edited. The misspellings, poor punctuation and poor sentence structure distract from what might have otherwise been a good story. I was so THRILLED to read HIM and realize it was written by a skilled professional writer. The heroine, Daphne, starts experiencing strange dreams and frightening emotions after meeting Trevor. She becomes worried about her sanity and is anxious to find an explanation. A friend mentions that it could be memories from past lives. As she again meets Trevor and comes to know him, she realizes that this explanation could possibly be the answer. I don’t want to give away too much of the story, but her memories and dreams converge with her reality and lead her in a harrowing quest.

September 23, 2016
Page turning excitement!

Joseph F. Gandurski: 5 Stars****

Jonni Anderson takes her readers on a voyage of the mind. Her character faces everyday challenges of life--business problems, and relationship issues until BAM!—a meeting with a mysterious man ignites a love so deep and pure that it turns her word upside down, and so to, your world will be shaken. The mind journey takes the reader through worlds of romantic adventure and deep emotional exploration, as her main character is driven to fulfill her destiny. Page turning excitement!

Other Side of Time


September 22, 2014
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone

Jeremy: 5 Stars****

This book had me from page 1! I was drawn in to a different world, the way Ms. Anderson vividly describes this other unimaginable place, and makes it a reality. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next, “page turner” is an understatement! I could feel, hear, and visualize the whole book; And I even sometimes wished I could have been “rifted” to this other place to experience the things that the characters encountered. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone! I can’t wait to see what Anderson comes out with next!

December 19, 2012
Book Worth Reading

N. L. Quatrano: 4 Stars****

Anderson, once again, has tackeled the timeless human dilemmas around love, loss, acceptance, forgiveness and starting over. With a totally different voice than CRANWOLD, this tale of an alternate universe isn’t a time travel, nor is it for the faint of heart. Jacob is an anti-hero we can feel for because he’s human, not cliched, and most of the secondary characters are wonderfully done, too. I’m not crazy about the prologue, but by page 10 I was thoroughly engaged in the tale. There is no gratuitous violence, but some of the villain’s scenes left me shaking. If you enjoy the Hobbit adventures, you’ll enjoy THE OTHER SIDE OF TIME. Definitely a book worth reading!

November 15, 2012
Enthralling Adventure from Cover to Cover

Able Greenspan, Midwest Book Review: "Highly Recommended"

MWBR Review"Cranwold" author Jonni Anderson continues to showcase her writing talents with "The Other Side of Time," a speculative fiction novel of a mysterious land between and beyond all known eras. Jacob Tunney is an ordinary man beset by misfortune in life; he drank away his career after his wife died from cancer. His encounter with the stunning Cynthia shows promise, but before he has a chance to fully pursue a relationship with her, he is abruptly transported to an inexplicable world filled with a population of humans from eras throughout history, and even a medley of intelligent aliens from other worlds. Like all of his new neighbors, Jacob is a trapped prisoner, and discontent threatens to set the patchwork community at each others’ throats. Jacob longs to see Cynthia again, but how can he escape? An enthralling adventure from cover to cover, "The Other Side of Time" is highly recommended.



April 20, 2017
A desire for revenge leads to unexpected results

Carol: 5 Stars*****

I LOVED THIS BOOK. Based on the synopsis and the cover, this is not a book I would normally choose. But, it had been recommended to me, so I paid for it. The story swept me away from the beginning. Our heroine is a warrior as she's been raised to be. She seeks revenge for an unconscionable act against her people. Her path leads her in unexpected ways where she undergoes a difficult personal transformation. Now, I'm not a writer, so this review is not doing justice to the book, so please just read it. I'm pretty sure you'll thank me.



MWBR Review


June 18, 2012

Lulu Daisy: 5 Stars*****

Great Book! I could really identify with the characters and I liked their interactions, their relationships. The book definitely had some twists and turns. In my opinion this book is a love story and it is a personal journey of life about overcoming obstacles and discovery of self and delving into our layers of being. In my transformation of awareness I really felt connected to a deeper consciousness.There is a lesson that we can change and become more "human" thru learning about ourselves.

April 10, 2012
Move over, Seeker. . .

N. L. Quatrano, On Target Words: 5 Stars*****

Anderson has nailed the fantasy genre with her debut novel! Reminiscent of my one of my favorite stories, The Seeker, CRANWOLD is unique in voice, with powerful pacing that literally drags the reader by the collar through lifelike scenes that take your breath away. The characters stay with you long after you’ve closed the book and I’m already missing them. Hoping to see a lot more of Jonni Anderson and soon! Bravo!!

March 28, 2012

Goldbar: 5 Stars*****

I’m sending out a huge "BRAVO!!!" to author Jonni Anderson for her wonderfully executed tale about coming into one’s own self. An old concept brought to life through an original, spiritual, mythical, adventurous, and very unique storyline. I was hooked from page one!

March 14, 2012
Linda Tonis
Paranormal Romance Review Team

Paranormal Romance Guild: 5 Stars*****

Cranwold is a mystical walled town known for healing and peace. A town that the Maiden Warrior found herself in after roaming from village to village, unaware of her surroundings, starving, dirty and without any thought other than revenge. She was the captain of her people, and she could not save them. It seemed like only yesterday that she found her entire tribe murdered, including her best friend Eliantra, whom she found dead in a stream along with her unborn child. There was no doubt that the attack was brought about by Conol of Creight Ashe, a man who just shortly before the attack offered a call for peace.

In Cranwold, the captain finds peace for the first time since finding her tribe dead. The peace is short lived when Conol also winds up in Cranwold seeking repentance for what happened to the captain’s tribe. As is usually the case there are two sides to every story and Conol’s side is that some of her people raided his tribe killing his wife and child among others. He blamed the captain and sought revenge. They are trying to forgive each other but it is hard to trust when you are consumed with anger. They were both victims of circumstance. Can they find peace?

The captain finds comfort in Cranwold and begins the study of healing. When a group of pilgrims is attacked by bandits, the survivors come to Cranwold. Out of two hundred people, there are less than fifty survivors. It is then that the captain uses her healing powers and finds out that she was helped by a spirit who assisted her. Many of the people saw the spirit and the captain begins to call on it when needed. While healing the pilgrims, she is unaware of the fact that Conol has returned to his home without so much as a goodbye to her.

Lucien is her spirit guide, and he teaches her all he can. When he cannot teach her any more, she is visited by her totem animals. The totem animals take turns explaining the Otherworld, a place where spirits of the dead wait to be given a new life and a new path. Her path is yet unfulfilled, and she sets out from Cranwold to find her way. She is once again having to say goodbye to the people she has come to know and love. She realizes that she feels something for Conol, and her destiny is to find him. Is Conol destined to be in her life? Can they get over the pain of the past and start over?

The captain finds herself alone again, going from village to village unsure of what she is supposed to find. Even the gypsies she meets along the way fear her. When she heals one of them, they also see the spirit. During her stay, she meets Tan a young gypsy who follows her and their path together changes Tan’s life forever. It becomes clear that every encounter in life can have an influence on someone else.

This is a spiritual journey and every encounter by the captain seems to change someone’s life. She finds out the true meaning of life and death and begins to realize that death for some is a blessing. This was a very heartwarming story and it was very spiritual leaving me examining my own beliefs. We never really learn the captain’s name, but what is in a name?

The ending was perfect.

(Copyright© The Paranormal Romance Guild. Used by permission.)

Couldn’t go to sleep till I’d finished the book!
January 14, 2012

Be Me Up, Scotty! (Chiang Mai, Thailand) 5 Stars*****

"Couldn’t go to sleep till I’d finished the book!"

That’s exactly what happened. While eating breakfast, I started reading "Cranwold." . . . Soon the author/editor disappeared and I was just a guy enjoying a good story. Breakfast became merely what I happened to be doing while reading the book! During the day I did what was required, but finished the book that night before sleep.

Like a mountain stream, the story flows quickly from precarious peace to the total destruction of a raging waterfall, into dark, impenetrable thickets and invisible chasms, emerges into confusing, but eventually comforting surroundings in Cranwold, a utopia where I could spend the rest of my life. Soon the story rushes on its course through treaterous forests, hostile villages, dingy dwellings and rich mansions, changing from blood-stained torrents to crystal clear waters and back again, finally returning home to the calm sea.

"Cranwold" feels like a cross between "The Celestine Prophecy" and Conn Uggendon’s Conqueror Series, which transports you into the world of Genghis Khan.

With its foreboding cover, "Cranwold" is not the kind of book I would normally pick up, but the cover definitely nails one view of what might happen there, but not the one you may expect.

I absolutely love the ending, up to the very last word! Unfinished business kept our hero/shero on her journey, till the last chapter when I wasn’t sure whether she’d find Conol, the man she hated... or loved, return to the safety of sweet Edmund and her erstwhile companion Tan, or ride off alone into the sunset like a classic American western.

"Cranwold" may be finished, but I’m wondering what all those folks are doing now. If there isn’t a sequel, I’m going to be pissed off.

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