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Dodie U, Florida:

I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting help with writing, editing or publishing. She's a self starter and she's fearless when it comes to new projects.

LH, Florida:

Jonni is extremely trust-worthy, reliable and conscientious in her work.



Virtual Assistant . . . Secretary

Author . . . Editor . . . Ghostwriter
Print-on-Demand & Epub Book Designer

Areas of Expertise

  • General administrative support
  • Word processing, including research papers, manuscripts, etc.
  • Correspondence
  • Writing, editing, proofreading
  • Editing, pagination and layout for POD and epubs
  • Cover design for POD and epubs
  • Bookkeeping services including QuickBooks, AP, AR, payroll, bank reconciliations, quarterly payroll reports, sales tax, etc.
  • Email monitoring
  • Collections
  • Mailing list and database management
  • Boilerplate document creation
  • Scanning & OCR conversion
  • Internet research
  • Data entry

Program Expertise

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
    (InDesign & Photoshop)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla FileZilla
  • QuickBooks
  • TurboTax

Author of

On the Winds of the Night

My Letter to the World


Other Side of Time


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